It is rare to meet someone so passionate and committed to living life to the fullest.


My interest in a healthy lifestyle led to my meeting Gemma. We first met on a course and soon formed a strong friendship.

Gemma is a nurturing teacher and has not only been a great inspiration but also a great friend to me over the years we have known each other. I have found Gemma to be supportive and honest and a person who works with great integrity and love.

I would highly recommend Gemma for any learning or treatment you are interested in undertaking.

— Sarah Green

After struggling for years with disruptive sleep patterns and very bad nightmares verging on post traumatic stress disorder, I took some advice and met Gemma for a treatment.

I am not a firm believer in this type of medicine, but was totally surprised that Gemma was able to make me feel very relaxed within minutes of the treatment starting. I have never slept as well as I did following a treatment.

I would highly recommend Gemma and her treatments, not only is she a truly professional healer, but she’s also a fantastic person!

— Marcus Stacey-Bradbury

I have known Gemma for many years and have always found her caring and full of love.

I run a successful car business which can be quite draining sometimes and I have seen Gemma on many occasions for Reiki treatments, which have left me in a chilled state and able to get a good night’s sleep and to think more clearly in the morning.

I find spending time with Gemma relaxes me more than I can believe. Gemma is great to talk to and to confide in and I have never felt that a moment spent with her was wasted or regretted.

— Paul Gosling, Superior Cars

Even though Gemma isn’t my Reiki Master, she has always been happy to help me and to provide support and advice. She is always there to bounce ideas off, and has been a very positive influence in my Reiki practice.

— John Mitchell

I am not very good at this but I have to thank you for the Reiki you have given me. There was a time I had a job to walk, the pain in my knee was so bad I could have cried, you came and carried out Reiki on it and I couldn’t believe the difference it made. The pain was reduced so much, for a few days I felt so much better.

I would always and do tell people how good you are with Reiki and always explain how I felt before the treatment and how I felt afterwards, I would always ask for more as it is better than any drug the doctors can give you, and is much healthier too.

— Beryl Smith

From the very first moment I met Gemma Dearsley, she disarmed me of my tumultuous state and gracefully put me at ease. It was in this first, brief encounter that I was given a glimpse of just how receptive she is of ones needs and how genuine is her concern for others well being and happiness.

It is rare to meet someone so passionate and committed to living life to the fullest, and Gemma not only does this but extends this inspiration and support so that others around her might strive to do the same. Her insightful and fresh approach, teamed with her wisdom and experience will not let you down. She is an absolute delight and I am thankful to have had the good fortune of knowing her.

— Jessica Davanzo

Gemma is a fantastic healer and beautiful person. I would never have got through my operation last year had it not been for her calming influence. Her dedication and skill is second to none! Gemma is one amazing and beautiful lady!

— Becky Everson

Gemma is a genuine lightworker who is 100% committed and an exceptional healer.  She has a gentle and warm manner, is open and works without judgment. Bringing light and dissolving pain.

After the loss of a loved one in tragic circumstances Gemma provided an opportunity for me to connect through one of her beautiful guided meditations to spend precious time in a healing garden.

I will never forget this and will always be extremely grateful for this much needed opportunity. I didn’t question how it happened just accepted that this was what I so needed at the time and Gemma  was able to guide me to this place then gently bring me back when the time was right.  I thoroughly recommend her services.

— Emma Scott
Elizabeth Murray-Knibb

I first met Gemma many years ago when I joined the local gym. Gemma is an absolute delight; she is kind, gentle and caring of others. Gemma would never do anyone any harm and sees the best in everyone.

Gemma is passionate about her job and loves to help others that are having difficult issues. Her healing skills are second to none. Gemma has a relaxing manner that puts you at ease from the outset and I am pleased to call her my friend.

— Elizabeth Murray-Knibb
Vicki Robertson

Having been asked to write a testimonial for Gemma, I accepted without hesitation.

What can I possibly say about Gemma that doesn’t involve the words “kindness” or “a good heart”? I’ve known Gemma for a few years and as I have often said to her… Gem by name, Gem by nature!

Some people have such a genuine goodness about them, it literally shines from them. Gemma will always have time to help anyone… She will sit and listen to you, mop up your tears, laugh with you and always be there to have a few glasses of wine with you! I consider myself to be very lucky to have Gemma as a friend and I hope she knows I will always be there for her too.

— Vicki Robertson
Debbie Watkins

Gemma and I have been very good friends for 6 or 7 years now. We met through Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade where Gemma was an Officer and I was a helper.

Gemma will always find a positive in what ever she does whether it is in her Nursing Profession or in her role as an Officer in Brigade and never lets anything or anyone get the better of her.

Gemma has been there for me every time I have needed a friend. She is open, honest, caring, and gentle and a true inspiration to all of us. She has been my shining light at some of my darkest times and I love her dearly.

Recently she has helped me and my wonderful Mum get through a family bereavement. My Mum suffers from Parkinson’s and the loss of her father had a profound affect on her Parkinson’s. Gemma has been truly wonderful with her to the point that her symptoms have eased greatly.

You truly are a Gem… Gemma!

— Debbie Watkins
Charlie Roberts

I have known Gemma for several years she is a fantastic friend and confidant. Throughout this time Gemma has encouraged me to develop on all levels, helping me to grow spiritually and to nurture the creative energy inside me.

Gemma’s undeniable passion rubs off on every person she meets. Her ability to encourage others to believe in themselves is fantastic (trust me you’re not allowed to put yourself down in front of Gemma — you’ll get a royal telling off!).

Gemma’s dream of developing the Lighthouse is swiftly turning into a reality — a venture that will benefit so many people. The enthusiasm and dedication she has ploughed into it is inspiring.

Gemma has a fantastic energy, a ray of sunshine that she passes to others. A true friend in every sense of the word and a force to be reckoned with!

— Charlie Roberts

— Harry Chadwick

— Lewis Northover

— Angie Seelig